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31st May 2008

11:52am: Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer - greatest American actor? Rhetorical question. I already know the answer (and it's YES). 

So in my free time, which isn't much, I've been watching a lot of movies. Saw the new Keanu movie Street Kings the other day, and I loved it. The same vibe as Training Day, only different. Right now I'm re-watching Mindhunters on DVD. Not one of the world's greatest movies, but I've been watching Hot Pursuit with a young John Cusack way too many times lately. It is, however, one of my faves. 

The main point of my life right now is that I'm working on some of my skillz. Chicks dig guyz with skillz, we all learned this from Napoleon Dynamite, and in my experience it's true. It's not so much the skillz themselves, although that's part of it. The majority of it seems to be that guyz with skillz have interesting things to talk about and are thus able to look a woman in the eye and converse in a normal manner rather than just staring at her lovely breasts while drooling a little bit out of the left corner of his mouth. So I'm working on a lot of my skillz and finding improvement. 

Also, I'm trying to find a new spiritual centering for myself. I've lived in the darkness for a while, and it's time to resurface for some light. Sure, at first I have to squint my eyes so that I can see, but I'm sure I'll readjust and be wandering around with my arms lifted to the sky in no time at all. 

Speaking of time, I'm getting into hypnosis. Also, people believe me more often when I tell them that I'm a student hypnotist than when I tell them the truth. 

Anyway, back to Mindhunters, starring Christian Slater and Val Kilmer - great American actors.

1st May 2004

12:18am: Almost all entries here are friends only.
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